Strategic Vision:

To be a centre of excellence for students with a range of Special Educational Needs, through a  provision that uses innovative and effective techniques in educating and supporting outstanding lifelong learning.

All members of LWF are accountable to the following values:


  • Thinking outside the box,
  • Being prepared to take a calculated risk,
  • Leading by example with enthusiasm,
  • Recognising the steps to the end goal,
  • Forward thinking.


  • Drawing on strengths,
  • Teamwork and confidence of all to make the most of opportunities,
  • Supporting and motivating each other in an environment of trust,
  • Allowing people to have a go.


  • Listen,
  • Open door,
  • Show empathy for others,
  • Listening and talking into action, so if we say we will do something we all do it,
  • Be visible in the environment and
  • Be yourself (authentic)


  • Have and communicate clear expectations,
  • Maintain a professional standard,
  • Use the same approach,
  • Be fair to all,
  • Be the same person everyday….

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