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Welcome from the Chair of Academy Advocates!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Lincolnshire Wolds Federation on behalf of the Academy Advocates (formally known as Governors). I am proud to have been elected Chair of this group in September 2015 when both schools became academies. 

The Academy Advocate body fully support the values and ethos of LWF in ensuring that the young people within it receive “Inspired, Purposeful and Personalised Learning for all every day.”

The members of the LWF Advocate body have the skills and enthusiasm to support and challenge the senior leadership team and staff in achieving outstanding teaching and learning for our young people and improving their desired outcomes.

Rachel Pavitt


                                                                  Rachel Pavitt                                                                        Clare Stephenson

                                                        Chair (safeguarding)                                                                        Vice Chair


                                           Rachael Anderson                                                  Lea Mason                                                 Michelle Hockham

                                   Staff Representative                                         Executive head,LWF                                        Head of School, St L  


              Ann Stebbings                                        June Poland                                          Victoria Ayling

        Head of School, St B                                        Parent                                                   Associate           


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