Published by: | Date: 16 June, 2017 | Categories: News

In class 6 at St Bernard's this week we have been discussing the general election. We have looked at what the general election looks like and students have had the opportunity to write and share their own manifestos.

Students have had a group discussion about what they could bring to LWF if they were to be elected for ‘School leader’. 

Harvey shared with his peers that he would, ‘ let everyone have free fruit’ and ‘organise a meet and greet with bus drivers and escorts’. Skye said that she would like to, ‘buy a new slide for School’.

All students were fantastic at sharing their manifestos with the group and some really powerful questions were asked, ‘how are you going to make that happen?’

I think we may have some budding candidates in our School!

Election will be held next week and we will keep you posted!

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