Development Planning

Within LWF we are totally committed to the development of all our students and young people, through offering an education that encompasses all aspects of development, that is rich in inspirational and purposeful opportunities and experiences, to promote life long learning, through personalisation. 

School improvement, linked closely to our commitment to staff development is centered around the quality of learning and teaching and the extent to which it is matched to the needs of learners, including developing opportunities.

The cycle within LWF is built on engagement with all stakeholders and is an ongoing process of review and action built around key areas:

  • Raise student outcomes and progression in all areas of development
  • Increase the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning across the school
  • Maintain high standards of learning behaviours and social, emotional support for all students
  • Continue to build on the development of outstanding standards of leadership across the federation

Please click here to view the review of 2015 / 16 development plan

Please click here to view the current development plan for 2017 / 18.

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