Strategic Vision:

To be a centre of excellence through provision that a uses innovative and effective techniques in educating and supporting outstanding lifelong learning.

At LWF we provide an inspiringpurposeful and personalised education for all every day, in order to support learning for life and working for the future, and are accountable to the following shared values to enable students to dream, believe and ACHIEVE


  • Listen, Open door,
  • Show empathy for others
  • Listening and talking into action, so if we say we will do something we all do it
  • Be visible in the environment and Be yourself (authentic)


  • Have and communicate clear expectations
  • Maintain a professional standard
  • Use the same approach
  • Be fair to all and be the same person everyday….


  • for our students to healthy, maintain a sense of hope for the future through access to an environment that meets their holistic needs


  • for our students to become as independent as possible in learning and life, through access to an inspiring, innovative and inclusive environment


  • Drawing on strengths
  • Teamwork and confidence of all to make the most of opportunities
  • Supporting and motivating each other in an environment of trust
  • Allowing people to have a go


  • Thinking outside the box and being prepared to take a calculated risk
  • Leading by example with enthusiasm
  • Recognising the steps to the end goal and being forward thinking


  • for our students to be excited, engaged and encouraged through an environment of equality

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